Vice Chancellor's Message

Pakistan’s economy is heavily reliant upon agricultural production, which accounts for about 20% of the country’s GDP. Within agriculture, the livestock sector has the largest share, contributing about 58.6% to the agriculture value added and about 11.4% to the national GDP ) Economic Survey 2016-17). Moreover, the livestock’s value exceeds the combined value of all the major and minor crops. The share of livestock products in the generation of foreign exchange is about 13%. More significantly, livestock is an integral part (30-40%) of livelihood of about 30 to 35 million rural farmers. Presently, gross value addition of livestock stands at PKR 1333 billion, whereas livestock share in export is 5%. Pakistan ranks 4th in total livestock population of the world, 2nd in buffalo population, 4th in goat population, 5th in number of equids (horses, donkeys and mules), and 8th in poultry production. Healthy growth in livestock sector has a direct impact in mitigation of poverty and improvement in livelihoods of rural population. It provides employment to majority of labor force too, thus it is an important means of livelihood and nutrition security in the country. Historically livestock has been the subsistence sector dominated by the small holder to meet their needs of milk, food security and daily cash income. During the last decade there has been massive investment in poultry, fisheries, dairy and meat sectors to fulfill the demand for food of high biological value in the country and export in the regional markets. Being flagship University in these disciplines in the country, CUVAS has fully realized the needs of the sectors and initiated degree programs, research projects, technology centers and services to meet the challenges of growing industries, farming communities and stakeholders. The commercialization of research and expertise from this University generates significant economic growth and business opportunities within country. Our research-focused teaching ensures our students receive the highest quality education, which introduces them to the frontiers of knowledge and provides them with the skills and discipline to contribute fully to whatever career they follow. We have a strong professional orientation with a focus on academic excellence and graduate employability. By working closely with our communities, we are proud to play a leadership role in enhancing economic prosperity, contributing to improvements in the health and well being of our nation. Our website will, we hope, give you a flavor of what makes our University special, in terms of our academic expertise and business connections, whether you are a student, employer or prospective colleague.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sajjad Khan
Vice Chancellor