Estate Management


Estate Management Office was established during 2002, when the College was up-graded to the level of University.

The main functions of Estate Management Office are as under:

  1. To look-after, all types of property, held in the name of University.
  2. Landscaping, plantation and beautification of the Campus.
  3. To exercise watch on the University Property to deny any encroachments by the surrounding population.
  4. To ensure periodical maintenance of University accommodations through Building & Works Department.
  5. To make allotment of all types of accommodations as per rules.
  6. To file suits for encroachments.
  7. To defend legal cases in the courts of law, filed by litigants.
  8. To establish liaison with the Government, Semi-Government Departments for their assistance / co-operation for efficient functioning.
  9. To cater for all types of security of the University.