Societies and Clubs: Cultivating Campus Communities

CUVAS Scouts

Advisor: Mr. Sannan Nazir        Co-Advisors:


Welcome to CUVAS Scouts, a community dedicated to fostering leadership, outdoor skills, and a commitment to service among students. We are a part of the global scouting movement, providing a platform for students to explore the world, embrace challenges, and develop the qualities of responsible and engaged citizens. With a focus on adventure, character-building, and community involvement, CUVAS Scouts offers an opportunity for students to discover, learn, and grow.


At CUVAS Scouts, our vision is to inspire and prepare the youth to become confident, resilient, and service-oriented leaders of tomorrow. We aim to create an environment where students develop practical skills, leadership qualities, and a strong sense of civic responsibility. Our vision extends to a world where the values of scouting—integrity, preparedness, and community service—are woven into the fabric of society, empowering young people to make a positive impact.


The mission of CUVAS Scouts is to inspire, educate, and empower students through the following:
Adventure and Exploration: Encourage students to explore the outdoors, embrace adventure, and learn essential outdoor and survival skills.
Character Development: Provide opportunities for students to develop character, integrity, and leadership through scout activities.
Community Engagement: Promote service to the community, fostering a spirit of giving back and making a difference.
Global Citizenship: Prepare students to be responsible global citizens who appreciate diversity and the environment.


Outdoor Skills and Adventure: Organize outdoor expeditions, camping trips, and adventure activities to teach students essential outdoor skills and foster a sense of adventure.
Leadership Development: Offer leadership training, workshops, and opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the club.
Community Service: Engage in community service activities, including environmental conservation projects, charity work, and assistance to local communities.
Scout Badges and Awards: Encourage students to earn scout badges and awards by participating in diverse activities that align with scouting principles.
First Aid Training: Provide first aid and emergency response training to ensure students are well-prepared in case of emergencies.
International Scouting: Foster cultural exchange and understanding by connecting with scouts from other countries and participating in international scouting events.
Online Presence and Promotion: Maintain an active website and social media presence to share updates, achievements, and opportunities for involvement.
Networking and Collaboration: Collaborate with other scout groups, organizations, and local institutions to extend scouting opportunities to members.
Feedback and Improvement: Regularly collect feedback from members to adapt and enhance club activities, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the student body.
Sustainability and Growth: Develop a sustainability plan to ensure the club's continuity and growth, including fundraising and recruitment efforts.
Join CUVAS Scouts, where you can embark on exciting adventures, develop leadership skills, engage in meaningful community service, and make lifelong friends. We invite you to become part of a community that values character, leadership, and the spirit of scouting.