Institute Of Continuing Education & Extension


          The Institute of Continuing Education and Extension (ICE&E) has been established in Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (CUVAS), Bahawalpur with the main objective to uplift the rural farming community to control poverty and unemployment in rural youth thereby contributing to the national economic development. To achieve these goals, the institute is offering various training programs for education enhancement of livestock farmers for their livestock, camel, poultry, dairy, fisheries, wildlife, equine, etc. The subject specialists of this institute are providing emergency extension service to livestock farmers at their doorsteps for extension education and provide skills through hands on training. The institute is training the livestock and poultry farmers, veterinary and para-veterinary staff in various disciplines of livestock production and management so that massive employment and business activities could be generated in the south part of the Punjab and throughout the country Pakistan. The role of livestock in the economy of the country has now been well established and both the provincial and federal governments attach high priority to the development of livestock and poultry sectors as being the engine for socio-economic development of the rural people, food security and thereby alleviation of poverty and malnutrition. The programs of this institute are improving the service delivery of para-vets and create better opportunities of employments/ self-employment and promotion in public and private sectors. The institute comprises the requisite infrastructure, a conducive learning environment and qualified experienced faculty.



The institute aspires to be the leading role in the region with national and international recognition due to its quality teaching, civic engagement and economic development.


ICE&E develop human resource through offering various degree / diploma programs, short training courses, professional education and training in the field of veterinary and extension education for the uplift of farmer community and country. The institute promotes state of the art learning environment that cherishes gender and cultural equity, supports pursuit of knowledge, academic freedom and intellectual curiosity. It aims at socio-economic growth of the region by ensuring professional excellence, integrity and ethical conduct in the students with the help of diverse and innovative faculty.

Plan of Action

  • To exploit potential of livestock resources of Cholistan and South part of the Punjab.
  • To establish a state of the art institution to cater the needs of South of the Punjab and Pakistan for education, research, disease diagnostics, trainings and keeping pace with innovations in the livestock, poultry, wildlife and allied sectors.
  • To undertake extension activities in the allied discipline(s) to benefit the communities by providing higher knowledge, expertise and skilled human resource.
  • To cater needs of expanding industry and trade to produce  for export of safe and healthy livestock products
  • To bridge the gap between Industry/ farmers, academia and government institutes triad

Program Details