Department of Parasitology
Department of Parasitology Staff


Department of Parasitology was established with the aim to generate and disseminate scientific knowledge relating to Parasitology. The department is striving to create awareness among the public about the risks and losses associated with parasites. The department is playing key role in this regard through education. Department has undergraduate and post graduate laboratories. In future, the department intends to establish advanced Parasitology laboratories in the field of immunoparasitology and molecular Parasitology. The department is engaged in basic & applied research for better understanding of parasitic problems of various hosts and their control. Department is well equipped with under graduate Laboratory and post graduate Laboratory facilities imparting diagnostic services to livestock farmers, Bahawalpur Zoo,Field Level Diagnostic facility for protozoan, Helminthic infections and ecto-parasitic infestation.


  • Eradication Of Economically Important Parasitic Diseases Of Livestock In Cholistan
  • Enhancement Of Animal Resources Through Control Of Parasites And Study Of Host-Parasite Relationship/ Interaction
  • Parasite Free Cholistan And Control Of Zoonotic Organisms And Diseases.


  • Establishment of National Institute of Parasitology and Zoonotic Diseases (NIPZD)
  • Establishment of Molecular Centre and diagnostic Laboratory for Vector and Vector Borne Diseases (CVVBD) of camel, Domestic Animals and wild life
  • Control of Parasites through (a)Development of anti-parasitic vaccine(s) (b)Screening of indigenous flora for  anti-parasitic Phyto-compounds(c) Biological control of zoonotic parasites and diseases (d) control of food borne parasitic diseases (e) Ethano-Veterinary Practices (f) Understanding of Host-Parasite Interaction (g) integrated  strategies for control of parasitic diseases under One Health umbrella (h) Climate Change on Parasitism (i) Exploration and control of new parasites.

Plan of Action

  • Control of Vector borne parasitic diseases with respect to one health and zoonosis
  • Establishment of commercial diagnostic tests/Kit(s) for diagnosis Parasites
  • Yielding the highly skilled Parasitologists contributing Nationally and Internationally to Bridge the gap between Academic researchers and  public  Institutes .