Dr. Muhammad Luqman Sohail

Qualification: DVM, Ph.D
Designation: Assistant Professor

Tel:      Mobile: 0334-9583248  

Email: mls@cuvas.edu.pk



Areas of Interest

  • Epidemiology of infectious diseases
    Zoonotic diseases
    Molecular characterization of zoonotic infectious agents

Journal Articles

  • Sohail, M.L., Khan, M.S., Avais, M., Zahoor, M.Y., Ijaz, M., Ullah, A., Fatima, Z., Naseer, O., Khattak, I. and Ali, S., 2016. Seroprevalence of Leptospira spp. in Horses of Distinct Climatic Regions of Punjab, Pakistan. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science44, pp.82-89.
  • Sohail, M.L., Khan, M.S., Ijaz, M., Naseer, O., Fatima, Z., Ahmad, A.S. and Ahmad, W., 2018. Seroprevalence and risk factor analysis of human leptospirosis in distinct climatic regions of Pakistan. Acta tropica181, pp.79-83.
  • Sohail, M.L., Khan, M.S., Avais, M., Zahoor, M.Y., Khattak, I., Ashraf, A. and Naseer, O., 2016. Molecular characterisation of Leptospira strains in Pakistan. Journal of Veterinary Research60(4), pp.417-421.
  • Sohail, M.L., Khan, M.S., Ijaz, M., Avais, M., Zahoor, M.Y., Naseer, O. and Saleem, M.U., 2017. Evidence of Clinicopathological Changes during Equine Leptospirosis. Platelets10(3), pp.145-21.


HEC indigenous Scholarship for PhD

International research support initiative program (Cornell University, USA)