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ONE Health Day 2019

Event Description

Dear all, the era we are going through is observing emerging diseases that are transferred from animal to humans, re-emergence of infections and environmental threats that in turn compromise the health of the community. There are several gaps among public health professionals, veterinary professionals, animal scientists, environmental scientists, national policy makers, and policy executors to deal with current health issues. To address such issues, One Health Club has been constituted that aim to coordinate multidisciplinary professionals and students to work for the better health of humans, environment, and animals. This is indeed a great opportunity for faculty members to shine their career, for the students to plan better for best future endeavors, and for the community to have improved health.
One health club has decided to celebrate One Health Day by conducting a series of activities involving students and faculty. One Health Club gave concept of one health to all students of CUVAS in a series of lectures held in week 04-08 November 2019. For faculty members, one day seminar has been planned where a lecture on “Introduction of One Health Approach” will be delivered by Dr. Amjad Islam Aqib, Assistant Prof. Department of Medicine and an other lecture will be delivered by a renowned public health professional Prof. Dr. Qazi Masroor Ali, Head of Department of Medicine, Quaid e Azam Medical College will deliver a lecture on “Prevention and Control of Dengue fever” dated November 13, 2019, Wednesday.
There are a few other sideline activities.

  • There will be a One Health chart making competition at the end of seminar.
  • There will be awareness walk at the end of the seminar.