Procedure for submission of hard copy and display of merit lists

There will be four merit lists only.
If the candidate’s name appears in a merit list, he/she will present himself/herself in person, with in due time, along with all original documents to the admission committee of the respective department and follow the instructions of the committee.
Hardcopy of application will be collected in admission cell and be kept in record with the same serial number printed on application. A soft copy of application records will also be maintained by admission cell.
Applications/query sent by any social media will not be entertained. However, queries sent through email on admissions@cuvas.edu.pk will be considered.
List of admitted students will be displayed on the website www.cuvas.edu.pk on specified admission dates and on the Notice Boards of the respective Faculty/Departments.
Candidates may not be informed about their selection/merit lists through any social media except university website and he/she will be responsible to check the university website according to admission schedule or applicant may visit the admission cell for any required information accordingly. No claim will be accepted after due dates.
If any candidate fails to deposit the University dues within the stipulated time period after the display of merit list, his/her admission shall automatically stand cancelled without any prior notice and that seat will be offered to next waiting candidate on merit basis.
After the admission in any department, if an applicant wants to shift the department, his/her already deposited fee will be shifted to the desired department. For example if a student is on the merit list of B.S. (Hons.) Applied Microbiology and he has paid its fee accordingly. While the applicant has also applied for B.S. (Hons.) Zoology and later on his/her name appeared on the merit list of B.S. (Hons.) Zoology and he/she is interested in B.S. (Hons.) Zoology then the fee which he/she already paid in B.S. (Hons.) Applied Microbiology will be shifted to Zoology department. However, if the applicant has joined the class of B.S. (Hons.) Applied Microbiology and attended even a single class then his/her fee will not be shifted to any other department and he/she will deposit the new fee for the desired department.